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As to the environment, GVS COMPANY exports and meets current regulations relating to environmental protection by implementing the following actions:

  •     Storage of chemicals, preparation of solution and storage of PPE.
  •     Triple washing of food.
  •     Correct handling of empty agrochemical buckets delivering them to the Central Receiving Packaging - ACAVASF, thus avoiding the contamination of the environment with the indiscriminate disposal of contaminated buckets.
  •     Separation of waste generated on the farm, through properly signed buckets.
  •     TTraining of employees in handling and application of pesticides.
  •     Implementation of PRAD - Plan reclamation: recovery and diversification of native riparian vegetation.
  •     Adoption of techniques to diminish excessive water consumption in irrigation and the use of climatological data devices.
  •     Analysis of water used for irrigation twice a year to check parameters of contamination.
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