It originated in Fresno, California by cross breeding the Cardinal variety and a selection of unknown seedless grapes. Characterized by its precocity, with a medium maturity between 90 to 100 days, it was commercially introduced in the USA in 1972.
  • Berries: large with elongated shape and a crunchy texture
  • Color: bright green color
  • Taste: smooth muscatel flavor when fully ripened





Also known as Sultanina, weighing between 350g and 700g, it is one of the oldest varieties of seedless table grapes. Originated in the eastern region of the Mediterranean Sea, it is probably the most consumed in the world.
  • Berries: Elongated, medium-sized and cylindrical-shaped Crispy texture with a consistent pulp.
  • Color: greenish-yellow.
  • Taste: Sharp, sweet and juicy, Caliber: 16-22 mm, Brix: from 17 º to -19 º




Arra 15

The ARRA 15 is a variety without seeds, unique, white and attractive. This variety is owned by ARD (Agricultural Research and Development), a subsidiary of the Giumarra Vineyards Corporation, in California. Variety very fertile, with large and long berries.
  • Berries: The berries are long, cylinder-shaped, and particularly crispy.
  • Color: A green creamy quite brilliant.
  • Sabor: Excellent balance acid-sugar.