Also known as Sugrasixteen. It was created and licensed by Sunworld in California and launched in 2003.
  • Berries: Slightly elongated and of an average size, although not crisp, it has a satisfying density with a fresh skin that offers little resistance.
  • Color: beautiful black color. Wonderfully firm, crunchy texture and unique flavor.
  • Taste: intense sweetness with rich connotations such as distinct muscatel and tropical aroma. It adds a robust and juicy sweet contrast to the salty, smoky, creamy or crunchy grapes.




Midnight Beauty

A variety of black grapes (purple) owned by Sun World in the USA. The bunches are medium-sized, well-filled with an average weight of 500g.
  • Berries: large and elongated. Caliber: 20-25 mm. Firm and crunchy with thick skin.
  • Color: black (purple)
  • Taste: Slightly sweet with low acidity.